Text Box:  San Manuel Band of Mission Indians 
Gives Millions to Support Sherman Indian High School 
Career Technical Education Program. 

 	Sherman Indian High School is an off-reservation boarding school that services grades 9 through 12 for Native Americans. Founded as an agriculture and trade school, Sherman evolved into a comprehensive high school in order to assist in the academic, social, physical, and spiritual growth of Native American youth. In 1970, Sherman was accredited as a secondary comprehensive high school accepting students from across America. In 1995, Sherman was accredited as a comprehensive high school, by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The students are enrolled members of over 76 federally recognized tribes across America. 

 Sherman Indian High School and the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians entered into a unique partnership that has allowed the school to supplement their core academic offerings by providing exposure to essential workplace skills and expectations. This start-up program, as a concept only, has evolved from a classroom setting into an in-service, occupational training experience providing students with real world job skills, training with other professionals in their chosen field of studies, and internship opportunities with local businesses providing on the job training. 

 In today’s global economy students need vital connections between formal education and the technically sophisticated workforce. The Career Pathway Program was created to bridge the gap between those students interested in college and vocational career opportunities. The career Pathway program created by San Manuel and Sherman Indian High School was first funded by the San Manuel band of Mission Indians in 2010. We wish to thank San Manuel’s Tribal Chairman Ken Ramirez, and the members of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians for their generous gifts to Sherman and the career opportunities for our Native American youth. 

 The Career Pathways is a technical training program preparing every graduate to work in industries geared toward the economic and social development of American Indian Nations. Sherman Indian High School offers eight (8) Career Pathway Industries; Agriculture (Plant, Soil), Agriculture (Animal Husbandry Sciences), Construction and Energy, Health and Medical Technology, Public Service and First Responders, Computer Science and Graphic Design, Automotive & Electrical Technology, and Culinary Arts Hospitality, and Tourism. 

 These Career Pathways address a skill shortage within Indian Country while linking a student’s academic courses to real world experiences. Students who complete courses offered in the Career 
Pathway Program receive achievement certificates in their related field. Those who participate in the Pathways Program are also eligible for student internships and job shadowing opportunities. 

Sherman Indian High School is pleased to recognize the sustained generosity and support of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians to continue our innovative Career Technical Education Pathways Program (Career Pathways) for an additional three years (through 2022) with the awarding of a fourth educational grant. 

The philanthropic commitment of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians to endorse this endeavor has been realized through 4 grants totaling in excess of 9 million dollars over the past 10 years. Sherman has seen approximately 3,000 students participate in one or more courses since its inception. Many of our students have been able to secure summer employment, begin careers in their chosen fields, and/or have gone on to post-secondary education to seek degrees in fields related to their pathway experiences. 

The Department of the Interior notes that the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is recognized throughout California, Indian Country, and the entire nation for its support and innovation with respect to education, health, economic development and special projects